Make This Soya Garlic Chicken And Add A Spark To Your Dinner Spread

Chicken Recipe: Make This Soya Garlic Chicken And Add A Spark To Your Dinner Spread








Succulent chicken tossed in a saucy pool of spices and condiments, this is one of the ways we like to have chicken. But since a lot of us cannot visit our favourite restaurants right now, guess we would have to just wait, or put on the apron and start imitating the same charm in your kitchen. It is possible, and we have a recipe that you can start off with.

This soya garlic chicken is an absolute winner across any spread. It is tangy, lip-smacking and bursting with flavour that can draw a chicken lover from any corner of the room. It is best enjoyed with steaming hot rice. The soya sauce and vinegar gives this recipe a delectable oriental oomph.

It is super easy and quick to rustle up. The recipe also uses corn flour, you can substitute that all-purpose flour but you may not get the prefect silky texture you expect out of oriental dishes. The secret of its appeal lies in its sauce — so make sure you are patient while preparing the sauce, which has the pungent hotness of garlic and ginger, the fiery goodness of red chillies, crunch of bell pepper, and a tinge of sweetness too. The flavours of the sauce are what makes the whole dish truly eclectic.

Try this scrumptious recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.