Who Needs a Fire Suppression System?

A fire suppression system can include water sprinklers, dry chemical fire retardants or a mixture of wet and dry suppressants. Most commercial buildings and some residential buildings will have these systems and there are federal, state and local regulations regarding where they are needed. These systems will need to be maintained, tested and certified on a regular basis.

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Most commercial buildings will need a fire suppression system as well as a sprinkler certification. You can find 5 year fire sprinkler certification california services to help you install, inspect and maintain your systems. Most of the time your architect will be able to tell you what types of fire suppression system your building will need, but it is a good idea to double check before the inspector comes to sign off on the work to avoid potentially costly delays. You can find the systems you need, as well as many of the services needed to maintain and inspect the systems, from the same companies.


Many residences will be fine without a sprinkler system for building fires and they are not required. However, if you have an apartment building or combo complex then the regulations are different because multi-family residences are usually regulated as businesses. Some states, however, will require that new residential buildings have sprinkler systems built-in. Luckily, you can usually check the relevant regulations for your area by going online and doing a quick search.

There are federal, state and local regulations determining which buildings need a fire suppression system and sometimes even which type of system is needed. If you have a system, then it is important to find a professional company to maintain, inspect and certify the systems on a regular basis. You can find these services in many of the same places where you can find installations of various types of systems.