3 Quality Control Tips for Your Manufacturing Business

If you’re in the manufacturing business, quality is the number one product you’re selling. Your clients depend on you to uphold high standards of output on each material good you deliver. As you work through your quality control process, consider these three key steps to keep your operation running at a superior level.

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1. Maintain Consistency

With each batch of product that you create, it’s important to make sure that every item is of equal size and weight. Inconsistent yields can cause big problems for your customers when they go to sell dissimilar goods for the same price. Invest in the right equipment to automate this process. For example, a pail filling machine can dispense the exact volume required into containers every time. When you’re able to manufacture a steady stream of identical product, you’ll be able to strengthen your customer relations.

2. Develop Specific Standards 

Determining if each product lives up to the standard can be a guessing game if you don’t have a quality control checklist to consult. Manage the expectations of your client and devise a list of criteria that meets the minimum standards. This gives you a good benchmark to shoot for with each manufacturing run.

In addition, train your employees to recognize missteps in the process. Your team can keep defective product from leaving the facility.

3. Adjust Procedures

If your company is regularly putting out bad product, there may be something broken in the process that needs fixing. Keep track of issues to see if a pattern forms that needs correcting. Employees can help with this by reporting conditions that may have resulted in errors.

Once you’ve determined that there’s a problem, make adjustments quickly to avoid the least amount of product waste. Inspect or dispose of any finished goods that may have been compromised during the dysfunction.

When you devote time and resources to monitoring the quality of your product, you’ll maintain good ties with your customers. A positive word may lead you to even more business.