CBSE Class 12 exams 2019: These tips can help you score well

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CBSE Class 12 exams 2019: The CBSE Class 12 examinations will be conducted from February 15. Image source:

CBSE Class 12 exams 2019: CBSE Class 12 examinations will commence from February 15. Every year, nearly 12 lakh candidates register for the test. The students who are at the last leg of the preparation can follow these important suggestions before appearing for examinations.

CBSE Class 12 exams 2019: How to score good marks

Be systematic and planned: Common mistake we do is dump everything on our study table and land up doing nothing substantial. Make a schedule and keep only those books or articles in front of you which is there in your schedule. More books on your table will only create confusion and lack of confidence. The market is flooded with “n number of books”.

Disconnect yourself from social media: Remember Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media will only waste your time and inject emotional misbalance in you. Data shows the students who have avoided these things have always scored better.

Knowledge of the syllabus: Do not ever run after the infinite reference books. Most of the time they mislead you. NCERT books with some practice of exemplar are more than enough to score cent per cent in exams. Do practice some previous year papers and have an idea about the latest pattern of question paper.

Night before the exam: Your score will reflect the hard work of the entire year and not of a few hours before the exam. A relaxed mind can only play a complex “Game of 3 hours” exam. How relax and calm you are will decide how well you are able to recollect the stuff to punch into your answer script.

Exam hours: The most crucial time, where your confidence, plan and execution will pay you. Keep everything required with you like pencil, eraser, pens, scale or geometrical kits to avoid wasting time. Plan well in reading time of 15 minutes, about the sequence of answering. Be clear in marking sections and the serial number of question. Always remember that if examiner frustrates by your presentation you will not score well.

If possible attempt 6 marks section in the beginning because it’s not advisable to go for more marks question when there is a shortage of time, also check that first few pages does not have any overwriting, cutting. Always strike of previous/of your choice when attempting second time the same question.

Last few minutes: Don’t leave the examination hall soon, because you always need time to score more. Never skip the final few minutes’ revision. This will help you in getting extra 5 per cent marks by correcting your mistakes in calculation, concepts, spellings or presentation. Remember if you save 30 secs in each of the 30 questions, you have saved 15 minutes for revision.