Different Types of Auto Insurance

In the state of Florida, it is required that every driver have auto insurance in order to be able to legally drive. Each state has different requirements, but it’s still a smart idea to have auto insurance whether or not your state requires it.

If you are a new driver or just purchased a new car, you are probably on the hunt for the best auto insurance. There are a lot of options out there to choose from when searching through all of the companies for auto insurance orlando fl
has to offer. Not only are there a lot of options, each provider also has multiple options available when it comes to the level of coverage. Here are a few different types of coverage and what they typically provide.

Different Types of Auto Insurance

– Liability – This is the most common and most basic type of auto insurance coverage. It is also usually the legal minimum required by states for all drivers. It only protects the other driver and their vehicle in the event of an accident.

– Collision – This is the next level up from liability insurance. It covers the damage caused to both cars in the accident. They are varying degrees of collision coverage that all come with different deductibles and payouts.

– Guaranteed Auto Protection – Guaranteed Auto Protection is more commonly referred to as GAP coverage. This protects your payout against the devaluing of your car that happens over time against what you still owe. This is a popular form of coverage if you have a brand new car or a lease.

– Rental Reimbursement – Sometimes, you are without your car after an accident and need to get a rental. Add this option to your policy and any the rental is covered via reimbursement.

Make sure to consult with an agent before deciding what kind of coverage you want. There is a variety of coverage options to choose from for a variety of different driving situations. Remember, it is always better to be overinsured than underinsured.