The Benefits of a MOVE Bank Home Loan

Not all lending institutions are the same. Some are more approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to finding the best loan at an affordable price. MOVE Bank provides the products you need and a quick approval process to get you moving right away.

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Knowledgeable and Well-Regarded Lending Source

MOVE Bank has earned a five-star rating from CANSTAR for both offering quality loan products and exceeding the customer service expectations of clients. It is important to feel confident about your source of lending, especially with a long-term home loan. MOVE has brought together the best loan products for homes, offering rates that are affordable, even for first-time borrowers. All of your questions will be answered by experienced lending experts in a way that makes the process understandable.

Get Your Home Loan Approved Within 24-Hours

Waiting to find out if you are approved for a home loan can seem like torture. Some lenders will leave you waiting and wondering for a week, or longer. Applying for home loans from MOVE Bank will cut this time down dramatically. You can find out about approval within 24-hours! You can begin making plans to move to your new home faster and with less stress. The lending professionals at MOVE Bank understand the need to know as soon as possible.

Easy Automatic Payment Withdrawals

Maintaining good standing with your new loan requires staying on track with timely payments. Missing payments and having a slow payment history can begin to affect your credit rating. MOVE Ban offers a service that makes payments easy and carefree. All of your payments can be automatically withdrawn from your account at the appointed time each month. All you have to do is set the money aside in your account and it will be pulled timely. You never have to worry about dropping off or mailing payments. It is one benefit that makes your home loan easier to manage.

No Penalties for Extra Payments and Early Home Loan Payoff

You can enjoy a little flexibility with payments when obtaining home loans from MOVE Bank. You will never be penalized for making extra payments or paying the home loan off ahead of schedule. You can enjoy home equity at a faster pace, or just feel great about being free of your home loan. It is one way to reduce the overall amount of interest that is paid over time.

Competitive Interest Rates

Shopping around for the best interest rates is a smart way to save money over the life of your home loan. MOVE Bank stays ahead of the competition by offering the most competitive rates in the industry. You can even find a great rate as a first-time home buyer. Keeping the rates at a reasonable level allows you a more consistent payment amount that you can easily fit into the budget. You will gain a great home loan experience from start to finish.

Home Insurance Assistance

It is vital to obtain and maintain insurance for your home. MOVE Bank will help connect you to insurance experts that can offer all of the products you need to guard your investment. You need to have an insurance policy to cover damage and loss to the home, your personal items, or coverage if you plan to rent the property out. You might want to consider getting insurance coverage to help pay off the balance of the loan if you become disabled or pass away. It will not leave your family with the financial burden.

Using the knowledge of lending experts that consistently produce positive home loan experiences is the best way to get the loan you want and need. Move Bank is ready to get you and your family the home loan it takes to get the house of your dreams.