Speaker has all the rights to call the police if there is a disruption: Dr Subramanian Swamy on Tamil Nadu floor test

Subramanian Swami took to Twitter post the Tamil Nadu Assembly “drama” said that Speaker has all the rights to call the police if there is a disruption. On Saturday MLAs in TN Assembly refused to move out after Speaker declared that Chief Minister from AIADMK, E Palaniswami won the trust votes of 122 MLAs out of 235.

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In the event of MLAs refusing to move out of the assembly, the Speaker had several options including changing the venue for votes. When the proceeding started this morning, it looked like it would be concluded within no time. But soon, massive fight for secret ballot erupted and MK Stalin was forced evicted followed by the other DMK MLAs. Soon it turned out to be a law and order situation. The Speaker said that the disruption was unacceptable. There was even a clash happened between marshalls and DMK MLAs. DMK MLAs even sat on the Speakers chair. This is the second time that a bedlam has happened in TN Assembly. With the assembly adjourned twice once at 12 pm and again at 1 pm.

Swami tweeted, “The biggest losers in this TN drama will be unpatriotic DMK, corrupt Congress and Xtian converters which had a secret understanding with OPS,”

He said, “Imagine the irony of DMK speaking about others corruption. The world mody corrupt and fascist party is DMK.”

He called the act of DMK as goondaism and criticised the media for not projecting it that way. “As usual media anchors clueless. The core of what happened today in TN Assembly is blatant goondaism of anti national DMK,” he wrote.

“Anchors say President’s Rule will come. Idiots. Bommai judgment bars that. Speaker should take voice now. It will be legal,” said Swami.

He also said that in today’s Assembly’s Confidence Resolution those who vote against Palaniswamy would strengthen 2G Spectrum scamsters of DMK.