OPPO is new cricket sponsor, bids Rs 1,079 crore for a period of five years

Chinese handset maker OPPO emerged the highest bidder to bag the sponsorship rights of the Indian cricketing team, reports fe Bureau in New Delhi. The bids, which are conducted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), saw OPPO bid R 1,079 crore for a period of five years. It will pay R4.17 crore per bilateral match and R1.51 crore crore for an ICC match.

The other firms to have bid were Vivo Mobile, Star India, Paytm, Hero MotoCorp, WPP-owned media agency GroupM, Zee Group’s English daily DNA, DBS Bank and another WPP Group-owned agency, Encompass.

OPPO will be replacing Star India, the current sponsor, from April 1.

“An association with the Indian cricket team is the biggest partnership for any brand looking the build a strong equity with consumers,” said Rahul Johri, CEO, BCCI.


The second highest bidder was another Chinese handset maker, Vivo Mobiles, which bid R768 crore.

In 2013, Star India had bagged the team sponsorship for all home bilateral and domestic matches of the Indian cricket team. At the time, BCCI had fixed the reserve price at R1.50 crore. Star India paid R1.92 crore for each bilateral match and R61 lakh for every international match.

Prior to Star India, Sahara India was the highest paying sponsor of the team, at R3.34 crore per match.

Narendra Modi government cuts FY18 gold scheme target by 50%

The government has trimmed by half its target for gold schemes in 2017-18, turning more realistic after struggling to achieve less than 40% of its goal for the current fiscal.

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The government is aiming at R5,000 crore from all the schemes — sovereign gold bond, gold monetisation and Indian gold coin — in 2017-18, compared with the budgeted level of R10,000 crore for 2016-17, sources told FE. The fact that the government now estimates only R3,809 crore from these schemes in 2016-17, representing just about 2% of the country’s annual consumption, suggests these are far from being a runaway success even a year and a half after their launch.

Nevertheless, the data showed performance of the schemes witnessed some improvement this fiscal from a year earlier. Even after discounting the fact that the schemes were launched only in November 2015, they had generated just R1,318 crore in the 2015-16 fiscal.

“Such schemes don’t turn into a massive hit overnight. Some teething troubles do persist, especially in the monetisation scheme. Still, there are chances that the budgeted target for 2017-18 will be exceeded, but it’s better to be conservative,” said one of the sources.

The gold schemes were launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2015, as the government wanted to discourage imports of the precious metal and curb their debilitating impact on the trade balance.

Harish Galipelli, head of commodities and currencies at Inditrade Derivatives & Commodities, said chances of the sovereign gold bond picking up in the coming years are brighter than those of the monetisation scheme. “The gold bond is a relatively good instrument, and with growing investor awareness and efforts by the authorities and the banks, it has potential to be a success in the coming years,” he said.

However, to make the gold monetisation scheme a success is a more challenging task, considering that Indians don’t want to part with ancestral jewellery, he said. “(Also) logistics issues at the banks need to be sorted out first,” he added.

Recently, the government launched the seventh tranche of gold bonds, offering a 2.5% annual interest to investors. Applications were accepted from February 27 to March 3, and the bonds will be issued to eligible applicants on March 17. Investors will get the interest semi-annually on the nominal value of investment.

Indian households, together the world’s largest hoarders of gold, hold a record 23,000-24,000 tonnes of the precious metal, worth at least $800 billion despite a sharp fall in international prices from their peaks in 2011, according to a study by the London-headquartered World Gold Council (WGC).

The value of the holdings is based on (conservative) international prices, which doesn’t factor in a 10% customs duty. The value would be substantially higher in rupee terms. Coupled with 557.7 tonnes of the central bank’s holdings, gold stocks at most of the known sources in the world’s second-largest consumer would represent around half of its gross domestic product. This means the gold monetisation scheme can be a success if it’s structured in a more lucrative manner to induce households to park their gold in banks.

The country’s gold demand has been shaken a tad after the note ban in November last year, as some customers feared a crackdown on gold holding as well, but long-term prospects remain bright with demand expected to average at 850-950 per annum by 2020, the WGC said. The country’s gold demand touched a seven-year low of 675.5 tonnes in 2016, although a recovery is expected in 2017.

Use the Best Available when it comes to Catalyst Handling

If your business involves the use of catalysts, you do not have to be told the importance of making sure they are handled correctly and safely. Failure to do so not only puts your business and your employees at risk, but it puts the community at risk as well.

Safe handling starts with a first-class catalyst unloading system. Companies like Reactor Services, Inc. have the equipment and skilled people to ensure that the job is done right. With so much at stake when handling products of this nature, it only makes sense to turn the activities over to those who are specialists in the field.

Image result for Use the Best Available when it comes to Catalyst Handling

Warehousing is another feature you might want to consider when looking for someone to help with your handling of catalysts. The less you can keep at your own site, the better off you will be. Consequently, warehousing it off site where it will be maintained by those who make their living doing this type of thing will mean less risk on your part.

You may even want to consider a just-in-time delivery service for your catalysts. That way, you only have on hand what is necessary for your immediate use. You will need, however, confidence that the company with which you are dealing is reputable and will be able to get you what you need when you need it.

Companies that handle your warehousing for you will need state of the art tracking equipment. You will want complete control and traceability over your catalysts at all times. This is not a type of material in which even a small amount of inventory loss is considered acceptable.

Another important aspect in storing and warehousing catalysts is the capacity to safely repackage the material for shipping. There may be times when your needs call for the blending of different catalysts. When this is the case, you want to know that everything is being done correctly and that the proper shipping containers are being used to get the product to you with minimal risk.

If you are in the business of operating reactors, you have enough to worry about without being concerned over how your catalysts are handled. Turning this over to a reputable company can relieve a lot of headaches.

‘Ambassador’ went to others due to lack of innovation: Union Minister Giriraj Singh

Union Minister of State for MSME Giriraj Singh today said “lack of innovation” in Hindustan Motors was the reason behind the selling off of the iconic Ambassador car brand to European auto major Peugeot. “Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador went to others due to the lack of innovation,” Singh said at the Bengal Chamber awards for MSME event.

The iconic ambassador cars. (PTI)

Owners of CK Birla group inked an agreement with Peugeot SA of Europe earlier this month to sell off the Ambassador brand. The manufacturing of Ambassador was discontinued in 2014. Stressing innovation in the field of agriculture and MSME sector, he urged people to come forward to form a policy framework on it.

Singh also highlighted the Centre’s policies in infrastructure sector and raising the limit for collateral free loans among others. Asked about Rajiv Bajaj’s comment that ‘Made in India’ as ‘Mad in India’ after his company faced hurdles in launching new products, the union minister said “One single person does not make India.”


Speaker has all the rights to call the police if there is a disruption: Dr Subramanian Swamy on Tamil Nadu floor test

Subramanian Swami took to Twitter post the Tamil Nadu Assembly “drama” said that Speaker has all the rights to call the police if there is a disruption. On Saturday MLAs in TN Assembly refused to move out after Speaker declared that Chief Minister from AIADMK, E Palaniswami won the trust votes of 122 MLAs out of 235.

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In the event of MLAs refusing to move out of the assembly, the Speaker had several options including changing the venue for votes. When the proceeding started this morning, it looked like it would be concluded within no time. But soon, massive fight for secret ballot erupted and MK Stalin was forced evicted followed by the other DMK MLAs. Soon it turned out to be a law and order situation. The Speaker said that the disruption was unacceptable. There was even a clash happened between marshalls and DMK MLAs. DMK MLAs even sat on the Speakers chair. This is the second time that a bedlam has happened in TN Assembly. With the assembly adjourned twice once at 12 pm and again at 1 pm.

Swami tweeted, “The biggest losers in this TN drama will be unpatriotic DMK, corrupt Congress and Xtian converters which had a secret understanding with OPS,”

He said, “Imagine the irony of DMK speaking about others corruption. The world mody corrupt and fascist party is DMK.”

He called the act of DMK as goondaism and criticised the media for not projecting it that way. “As usual media anchors clueless. The core of what happened today in TN Assembly is blatant goondaism of anti national DMK,” he wrote.

“Anchors say President’s Rule will come. Idiots. Bommai judgment bars that. Speaker should take voice now. It will be legal,” said Swami.

He also said that in today’s Assembly’s Confidence Resolution those who vote against Palaniswamy would strengthen 2G Spectrum scamsters of DMK.

Cleaning The Office

The medical office is a place that needs to stay as clean as possible because of the patients who are seen there. Clinic cleaning services are offered by some companies, which is perhaps the best way to get the office in the proper order so that patients and the doctors and staff who work there are protected from viruses that might linger and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

Image result for Cleaning The Office
One of the things to keep in mind while cleaning a medical office is that gloves need to be worn at all times. You need a pair of gloves that securely fits around the wrist. The material should be rubber as this won’t be as likely to puncture as latex would. Bacteria and other germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours at times, so when you’re cleaning, you don’t know what you’re coming in contact with.

Trash that is on the floor should be the first thing that is cleaned. You want to get everything into waste bins as quickly as possible so that the trash in the bins can be removed from the office. If there are containers for needles, then these need to be disposed of in the proper manner instead of being thrown away with the rest of the trash. Some offices have a company that will come to collect the needles and dirty linens so that you don’t have to worry with these areas. When you’re using a new trash bag to pick up trash or to replace one that is removed from a can, make sure that it’s a heavy duty type that won’t rip.

Cleaners that have a disinfectant in them should be used when cleaning surfaces, such as tables and counters. When you clean hardwood or laminate floors, it’s sometimes best to use bleach or at least a cleaner with disinfectant so that all of the germs and bacteria are removed or as much as possible. A steam cleaner is ideal for the carpet as the heat can help to clean the surface better than a typical vacuum cleaner would.

All about the Jquery, Django and DevOps Courses

What is Jquery course?

The Jquery is a small, fast and flexible library of JavaScript. In this course, the participants will learn about the basic concepts of theJquerylibrary and its uses. The participants will also gain the in-depth knowledge of the Jquery library.

In this Jquery course, the participants will learn about the document traversal of the HTML language and manipulation, event handling concepts and animation and some concepts of Ajax. The participants will also learn how to work with the API’s that work across the multiple browsers.

Image result for All about the Jquery, Django and DevOps Courses

What the participants will learn?

The participants of this course will learn the following concepts

  • The basics and syntax of the JavaScript language
  • The way of integrating Jquery with other applications
  • The basics of the Jquery library
  • How to use the Jquery library and JavaScript language to build effective web applications

Who can take this course?

This course is best suited for anyone those who are aspired to learn about the JavaScript and JQuery language. This course can also be taken by the

  • Web developers
  • Programmers those who want to improve their skills
  • Application developers
  • Professionals
  • Beginners
  • Students

Django is the framework which is used by some biggest websites in the world.

What the course is about?

In this course, the candidates will learn how to create a website from scratch using Django. The candidates will learn about the functional levels of this framework. The participants will learn to build authentication systems, map integration and web services and much more concepts. Also, the candidates will learn how to test and debug thewebsite.

The Django course will help the participants to create their own web applications to solve multiple problems and needs.

Who can take this course?

This course is ideal for those who have 50% knowledge on Python development and the following professionals can take this course.

  • Website developers
  • Python Programmers
  • Professionals
  • Application developers

About Devops course

This course is designed to provide the best practices for software development and to make the most eminent use of the software tools. This course will teach the candidates about the software life cycle right from requirement analysis to coding and production support.

At the end of this Devops certification training,

  • The candidates will be able to write the testable requirements and write effective user acceptance codings
  • The candidates will be able to understand the concepts of the virtualization and containers
  • The candidates will understand the important concepts of the object oriented design and make the fullest use of its design models
  • The candidates will be able to develop their coding using test driven development

Who can take this course?

This course is designed for the following professionals,

  • Software developers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Operations supports
  • Software professionals

The candidates should have the prior knowledge of software development in Java and UNIX or LINUX command line tools to take part in this course. This will help them to learn this course with all ease.

Faster muscle mass with injectable steroids

The aesthetic bodybuilding program by steroids is easy to get-in-shape regimes in a short period. Bulking up (lean mass muscle) and cutting (fat burning) are the common categories. The body builders use the steroids for ripped shape. The traditional method of cutting in summer and bulking in winter is prevalent among the body builders. The people with exercise regime can develop their mass muscle along with such steroids whereas people do not involve in any proper exercise will have the meager power of this supplements.

Image result for Faster muscle mass with injectable steroidsThere are plenty of myths about that the South Africa does not use steroids. But it is quite untrue and there is a wide range of anabolic steroids are available in the South African Market. It is being sold as growth hormones, steroids in most of the pharmacies in South Africa. But over-the-counter drug of such steroids is not advisable. Still, many gym owners sell anabolic steroids to enhance the performance of their customers. One can buy different kinds of steroids such as Dianabol, Winstrol, Anavar, and Trenbolone in South Africa.

Even though there are several steroidal brands available in the market, they are still categorized as

Vet Grade: These types of steroids are manufactured for veterinary purposes. The intent of this steroid is for animals especially horses and cows whereas nowadays many underground pharmacies are outstanding in the manufacturing of their own version such as Trenbolone (animal steroid) due to its high anabolic activities.

Underground: These drugs are manufactured by non-licensed manufacturers and dosing of such type steroids is based on one’s own experience.

Human Grade: It is purposely made for human use which is generally licensed and manufactured under the supervision of the Governing body. Though many countries banned the usage of such steroids still some do businesses legally. It is the safest way of taking such hormonal steroids along with a prescription for the reputed manufacturer.

Best Steroids: Steroids usage depends on one’s purpose. For instance, if the goal of a bodybuilder is bulk up then Trenbolone, Dianabol, Anadrol can be considered whereas one wants to lean out then Winstrol, Anavar, Testosterone Propionate are suggested

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone): It is an oral steroid currently prevalent in the market. Dianabol binds with the androgen receptor inside the human body so as to initiate its action. As a result, it massively increases in protein synthesis that stimulates faster muscle growth with strength. Side effects of Dianabol are acne, water retention, hepatic damage and hypertension.


This drug is popular among bodybuilders and athletes for strength increasing property. Usage of Anadrol is limited due to the availability of non-steroid substitutes. The negative impact of Anadrol is swelling, sleeping disorders, weight issues, and Mood swings.


It is popular for its androgenic feature. Trenbolone binding ability to the receptors is five times as of testosterone. Finaplex pellets are used as a veterinary product to treat cattle. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies the drug as schedule 3 drug. Trenbolone side effects can be mentioned as Kidney toxicities, paranoia, Gynecomastia, anxiety, hypertension.

Thus bodybuilding, athletes and weight lifters performance are upgraded by including certain injectable steroids which have quick reactions than the oral pills..

Performance Review Process & Goal Management Process

The relationship between the employees and the management at a company is one of the key determining factors in how well the business is run on a day to day basis. If you visit any successful business, the first thing that you will notice is a great relationship between all the employees. People who don’t get along can’t communicate well and good communication is tantamount to a company’s long-term success.

One thing that aids the development if a good relationship is a quality leadership. Good leadership is hard to develop. It is even harder to keep going once you get it. Like any other position at a company, leaders need to be retrained from time to time. This is where companies like Key Group Consulting come in handy. These consulting firms provide top-notch executive leadership coaching. The following are some of the benefits of this service.

Image result for Performance Review Process & Goal Management Process
Retraining – This is the most common reason why executive leadership consulting is used. The day to day activities of any employee can get stale after they work there for an extended period of time. Just like regular employees need to be retrained, so does management.

If the consultant does a good your leadership personnel will leave the sessions reinvigorated and ready to meet any challenge that comes their way. This will increase productivity immensely. The revenue and reduction in cost that comes with this newfound energy should outweigh the cost of the consulting. If you think your executive team is in a rut, it may be time to get them some coaching.

New Management – It is also a good service if you have just promoted someone to management or just hired someone new. They may not be familiar with how a business leader’s role is different than they middle management or entry level job. This kind of training is perfect for them.

Move your company towards the future – A consultant can train your management team on new technology. Ironically, the leaders in a company are usually the last ones to know about new technology. This is usually because they are older and not as experienced. Consulting can get them up to date on new communication technology in just a fraction of the time that they would teach themselves.

Executive leadership training can be an asset to any business. This is true whether they are a new growing business or a company that has been around for a long time. Anyone can benefit from this service.

What PMI PBA Training Course Deals about?

As you all know that, the role of a business analyst is becoming very crucial in the field of business. The phrase PMI PBA stands for Project Management Institute – Professional in Business Analyst. So, the PMI PBA training course is designed to let the participants know about the skills, needs and concepts of the business analysis. Through this course, you would come to know about the detailed concept of business analysis. Comptia is a networking course that deals with the mandatory knowledge and skills that are needed to effectively build up, troubleshoot, maintain and design any wireless or wired networks.

Image result for What PMI PBA Training Course Deals about?

What the course is about?

These certification courses will make the participants eligible to lead the business team. The course covers many useful concepts that let the participants know the concepts of the business analysis, needs of the analyst, why company requires business analysis to be done and more. The course covers the following concepts,

  • Introduction to business analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Competencies anticipated from a business analyst
  • Date dictionary and glossary
  • Deming cycle
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Document analysis
  • Focus group
  • Interviews
  • Root cause analysis
  • Business transformation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Defining business analysis problems.

The comptia course will teach you the detailed concepts of security controls, troubleshooting and security knowledge. The comptiaAcertification trainingcourse covers the following areas,

  • Networking principles
  • Concepts of comptia
  • Tools and techniques required for wiring networks

The benefits of learning the course

PBA course benefits

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to,

  • Implement the stakeholder analysis
  • Understand how stakeholder analysis is performed
  • Understand the descriptions and real-examples of the business analysis techniques
  • Understand the competencies required for a business analyst
  • Know the stakeholder analysis

ComptiaAcourse benefits

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to,

  • Create fundamental network design and connectivity
  • Encounter weaknesses and limitations of both wired and wireless network devices
  • Understand the virtualization technologies
  • Manage wired and wireless network devices
  • Build up and troubleshoot the wired and wireless network devices
  • Adopt network protocols, standards and security

Who can do the course?

The following candidates can learn the PBA course,

  • Software managers
  • System analysts
  • Management professionals
  • Process improvement professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Requirement analysis
  • Software engineers

The following candidates can learn the comptia course,

  • Telephone Installation Technicians
  • Medical Equipment Technicians
  • TelephoneService Technicians
  • IT Technicians
  • Helpdesk Technicians
  • System Administrators
  • Printer or Copier Repair Technicians
  • Field service Technicians
  • Network consultants

Course Certification

Once after the completion of the course, the course certification will be issued to the participants either sooner or later. The credentials and personal respect of the candidates will be increased with these certifications. You can be the competitor with these certifications. All you have to do is to locate the good institute that offers these courses at a reasonable cost with best enough coaching.