Success Strategies That Can Make Your Organization More Profitable

If you’re determined to make your organization more profitable this year, don’t delay the success optimization process. Instead, get things going and growing right now by implementing some or all of the following strategies:

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  1. Make Digital Marketing A Must.

If you’re serious about making your organization more profitable in the online world, you need to make digital marketing an integral component of your strategic plan. Digital marketing is important for many reasons, one of which is that it can cause your organization to become global in scope. Another big benefit of marketing your products and services online is that doing so can help you maintain constant, continual communication with your target audience. This mode of immediate communication is typically not possible with traditional marketing techniques such as brochures, TV ads, and radio commercials.

There are hundreds and hundreds of digital marketing techniques that you can deploy to make your online presence increasingly successful. One is search engine optimization (SEO). Another is social media optimization (SMO). A third is web design and development. When you delve into the realm of web optimization, put the purchase of shopping cart software products at the top of your list. Making this type of purchase will ensure that you have systems in place which simplify the customer’s ability to locate and buy the things they want.

  1. Make Office Diversity A Must.

In a world marked by key material shifts like globalism and multiculturalism, it’s immensely important for business owners to focus on office diversity. By diversifying your staff, you increase the likelihood that people from diverse backgrounds will be able to connect with someone during key business-building processes like making a purchase, inquiring about a specific product, sharing the brand with other people, etc. A great example of the efficacy of diversity pertains to languages. If you employ one or several Spanish-speaking people, you increase the likelihood that they will be able to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking individuals in the community.

Note that optimized connection to your prospects and current consumers is not the only benefit of office diversity. Another one is optimized innovation. As many business research studies have found, diverse staffs are typically more effective in coming up with new ideas and developing strategies to address and resolve issues. This is thought to be the case because a diverse staff ensures that everyone has a plethora of ideological and experiential data to pull from during the strategic thinking process.

  1. Get Into Public Relations.

Getting into public relations is another strategy you can deploy to make your business more successful. This is the case because PR work will help you maintain an exceptionally innovative, positive public image that draws members of your target audience to your brand. Some PR services that you may be interested in obtaining include:

  • Media Training
  • Editorial Placement
  • Print Placements
  • Digital Placements
  • Product Placement
  • Award List Monitoring and Placement
  • Media Relations
  • Pitch Creation
  • Media Outreach
  • Press Collateral
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Partnership Opportunities
  1. Utilize Top Notch Software.

One final strategy that can really boost your business is the use of top notch software. This software is important because it will empower you to expedite and optimize the process of completing daily tasks that contribute to the sustaining and forward movement of your company. One type of software you might be interested in using would be accounting software. This type of software is provided by companies like Guru Solutions. Some of the Guru Solutions Services available to clients include accelerating order-to cash processes and real-time data and reporting.


Once you decide that you want your business to be as successful as possible, it’s time to think strategically. Four business-building processes that you can deploy to optimize success levels include making digital marketing a must, focusing on office diversity, getting into public relations, and using top notch software. Use these four business-building techniques to get the success project underway immediately!

Hiring a Company to Train Your Sales Staff

Companies rely on the success of their sales department to generate revenue. It is not an overstatement to say that the skill of a sales team will often determine the success or failure of an entire business. Are you a business owner? If this is the case, it is in your best interest to make sure that your sales staff has the best training that you can afford to give them. Paying for their sales training will be a huge investment in the future of your business. They will need to learn all of the latest sales techniques in order to attract new clients. Here is how you can go about finding the right company to teach your sales staff all of the most effective ways to be successful at their job.

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  1. Talk to the owners of other companies that have hired consultants to train their sales staff.

It would be a wise decision to get some recommendations regarding sales consultants instead of just hiring one blindly. Talk to other business owners and see what they have to say about the sales consultants they have hired in the past. Are they satisfied with the quality of training their sales staff received from the consultant? Do they feel they received great value for the money they spent on the training? Take notes so you can refer back to them later. You can then use the info you gather to help make your decision regarding the sales consultant you will hire.

  1. How long has the sales consultant been working?

Ideally, you want to hire a sales training consultant who has a considerable amount of experience. This is the only way you will be able to guarantee that your employees are getting a high level of training. This is why you need to find out how much experience a sales consultant has before you consider hiring that person.

  1. Will the sales consultant continue to work with your staff after the training is complete?

Some sales consultants will simply cut ties with a company after they finish their sales training course. You need to find a sales consultant who is willing to work with your sales team and answer any questions they have in the future. This will allow your sales associates to better comprehend and apply the strategies they have been taught during their training.

Tips for Starting Your Own Bar Business

Tips for Starting Your Own Bar Business

If you are considering opening a bar business, it will involve more than just finding a building and buying the supplies and the alcoholic beverages you will serve. It takes planning that will involve finding the location that will provide a steady stream of customers. You will also need to decide on the clientele that you are trying to target as well as other aspects.

Standing Out in the Crowd

It is very likely that your chosen location will be near other bars. Rather than letting this work against you, use it to your advantage. Scout the competition, and see what they offer in the way of specials, atmosphere, and pricing. It is a matter of making your business more enticing so that customers would rather come there.

Choose a theme for your décor that is popular. Do not just copy the style of another bar. Make yours better. Creating an enjoyable atmosphere where people feel comfortable is extremely important to attracting and retaining your customers. Happy customers will also recommend your bar to others. Word of mouth is a very powerful advertisement.

Getting Your Alcohol Permit

Once you choose a location, it is a good idea to apply for your alcohol permit so by the time you are ready to open, you already have it in your possession. Often this can take quite a while and you have everything completed, but no permit that allows you to sell alcohol. This is the reason companies such as Texas Alcohol Consulting offer services to secure a tabc permit.

Once you have the permit, you can meet with the alcohol vendors and begin to stock your bar. They are familiar with the most popular types of liquor. Of course, you probably already have an idea of the basics that will be required, but there are specialty items that may be specific to the location you have chosen. The vendors will know this information. Maintaining a good working relationship with the vendors will benefit your business.

Hiring your employees is another thing you will need to take care of before opening. You will need to conduct interviews and check references. This will ensure that the people you are hiring not only know how to mix drinks, but that they are people-oriented. Getting along well with the public is extremely important to the atmosphere of your business. It is another crucial aspect of attracting customers and keeping them.

Cleaning The Office

The medical office is a place that needs to stay as clean as possible because of the patients who are seen there. Clinic cleaning services are offered by some companies, which is perhaps the best way to get the office in the proper order so that patients and the doctors and staff who work there are protected from viruses that might linger and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

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One of the things to keep in mind while cleaning a medical office is that gloves need to be worn at all times. You need a pair of gloves that securely fits around the wrist. The material should be rubber as this won’t be as likely to puncture as latex would. Bacteria and other germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours at times, so when you’re cleaning, you don’t know what you’re coming in contact with.

Trash that is on the floor should be the first thing that is cleaned. You want to get everything into waste bins as quickly as possible so that the trash in the bins can be removed from the office. If there are containers for needles, then these need to be disposed of in the proper manner instead of being thrown away with the rest of the trash. Some offices have a company that will come to collect the needles and dirty linens so that you don’t have to worry with these areas. When you’re using a new trash bag to pick up trash or to replace one that is removed from a can, make sure that it’s a heavy duty type that won’t rip.

Cleaners that have a disinfectant in them should be used when cleaning surfaces, such as tables and counters. When you clean hardwood or laminate floors, it’s sometimes best to use bleach or at least a cleaner with disinfectant so that all of the germs and bacteria are removed or as much as possible. A steam cleaner is ideal for the carpet as the heat can help to clean the surface better than a typical vacuum cleaner would.

Tips to Help Construction Company Owners When Dealing with a Lawsuit

Individuals who own construction companies may deal with lawsuits for various reasons. One of the individuals who worked on their crew may have been injured. Or an individual who visited one of the sites where the construction company was working could have been injured. There are a variety of ways that individuals can be injured on construction sites, and there are also a variety of ways that property can be damaged. So many different situations can arise. However, there are some steps that construction company owners can take when they are dealing with a lawsuit, no matter the reason why the lawsuit has come about.

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The very first thing that the owner of a construction company needs to do is work with a qualified lawyer, perhaps one who has provided construction litigation support, for example. They need to take time to make sure that the lawyer has experience dealing with that kind of case that they have. This means that they may need to interview several lawyers in order to get help. They want someone who has been successful, which means that they need to ask about how many cases they have won and lost in the past. Individuals who hire lawyers have the right to ask these questions, and they should not feel intimidated.

Working with the lawyer, it is extremely important for the construction company owner to begin collecting evidence as soon as possible. The type of evidence that they will begin to collect will depend on the situation that brought about the lawsuit. If an individual is injured while they are visiting the construction site, some of the evidence that will be gathered include who the individual was and all of their personal information. It is good to gather eyewitness testimony from workers who saw the person enter the construction site. Save all information that you are able to collect. Even the smallest details may prove beneficial for your case.

Many business owners find themselves in a situation where it seems pretty obvious that they are not at fault. However, they need to begin to build a case like they are guilty. Unfortunately, there have been many business owners who were held responsible for property damage or injuries even though they took all of the safety measures that were necessary. The more work you do to build a strong case, the more likely that you will have good results in the end.

Make Your Business More Successful With These Growth Strategies

Watching your business grow is encouraging and exciting. However, company leaders who want to get their organizations in a state of perpetual progress should know that expansion does not happen magically. Rather, businesses grow when corporate leaders use proven techniques to ensure that the company moves forward in a profound, powerful way. There are many strategies you can utilize to engender this outcome. Some of them include:

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1. Update Your Equipment.

If you’re serious about optimizing business growth, get serious about updating your company’s equipment. This approach is helpful because it ensures that your office environment is aesthetically appealing in addition to being highly functional. Regularly updating equipment also decreases the likelihood of a work-related accident. If your company makes use of vacuum metalizing equipment, you can obtain new products from organizations like Vergason Technology, Inc.

2. Set SMART Goals.

One of the best ways to ensure that your company remains on the path to growth is by setting SMART goals. Goals are SMART when they are:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Time-specific

Utilizing SMART goals is advantageous because it moves you beyond the sphere of ambiguity and into the realm of clarity regarding what you’re trying to accomplish with your business. When you develop SMART goals, you’ll attain a crystal clear vision of what you’re trying to accomplish as well as which changes or strategies you’ll need to implement to realize the goal. An example of a good business-related SMART goal would be “I will extend our hours of operation by two hours in the morning and evening to increase conversion rates by 15%.”

3. Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

In addition to implementing SMART goals, be sure that you start utilizing CRM software. This software is important because it provides you with a central system through which you can store information about your clients and subsequently refer to the data to optimize the relationship-building process and make prudent selling decisions. As you begin looking for the right CRM software, be sure that the product comes with these features:

• Flexible Security
• Business Process Automation
• Tracking Partners
• Billing & Invoicing Functionality
• Access Permissions
• Hardware monitoring
• Product Support
• Data Reporting

Don’t Delay: Put Your Business On The Path To Growth Today!

If you want your company to grow in a powerful, progressive way, you can get the process going now. Three strategies you should implement to make growth happen include updating your equipment, setting SMART goals, and utilizing CRM software.

Asia stocks sway before U.S. jobs report, dollar nurses losses

A man walks in front of a screen showing today's movements of Nikkei share average outside a brokerage in Tokyo, Japan, June 2, 2016.  REUTERS/Issei Kato

Asian stock markets wobbled and the dollar was on the defensive on Friday as investors awaited U.S. job data later in the day which could give clues on whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates as soon as this month.

Spreadbetters expected Britain’s FTSE .FTSE, Germany’s DAX .GDAXI and France’s CAC .FCHI to open a touch higher as caution prevailed.

The dollar, which was bullish much of the week, nursed losses after downbeat U.S. manufacturing data tempered recent optimism on the U.S. economy that had revived expectations for a near-term rate hike by the Fed.

A report from the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) on Thursday showed U.S. factory activity contracted for the first time in six months in August, as new orders and production tumbled. The ISM index was 49.4.

MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan .MIAPJ0000PUS was barely changed, spending the day swaying in and out of the red.

Shanghai .SSEC fell 0.2 percent while South Korea’s Kospi .KS11 eked out a 0.3 percent gain. Australian stocks lost 0.8 percent and Japan’s Nikkei .N225 was down 0.1 percent.

“Some market participants had bet the Fed may raise U.S. rates as early as this month, but because of the weak ISM data and poor U.S. auto sales, such expectations seemed to have changed,” said Hikaru Sato, a senior technical analyst at Daiwa Securities.

“The U.S. is moving towards tightening, and that direction is the same, but the dollar-yen moves also show that people stepped back from expectations for an imminent hike.”

Asian equity markets took few cues from overnight moves on Wall Street, where stocks were flat with gains in the tech sector offsetting sluggish U.S. factory activity data and lower oil prices. [.N]

The markets will look to Friday’s non-farm payrolls to see if the Fed can risk raising rates this month or later this year. Economists polled by Reuters expect the U.S. economy to have added about 180,000 jobs in August. ECONUS

“While the US manufacturing ISM did undershoot expectations by quite a margin, it is worth remembering that the Fed hiked last year when the ISM manufacturing was at 48.0 and had been sub-50 for three consecutive months,” wrote Sharon Zellner, a senior strategist at ANZ.

“There is therefore potential for markets to whipsaw should we see robust U.S. jobs data tonight, going into the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend.”

The dollar was nearly flat at 103.355 yen JPY= after coming down from a one-month high of 104.00 overnight.

The euro traded little changed at $1.1198 EUR= after bouncing about 0.3 percent on Thursday. The common currency was at a three-week low of $1.1123 earlier in the week.

The greenback had surged against its peers following a relatively hawkish speech by Fed Chair Janet Yellen last Friday, which raised expectations the U.S. central bank was moving closer to a hike.

Sterling inched up 0.1 percent to $1.3283 GBP=D4 after jumping 1 percent overnight on purchasing managers’ index (PMI) data showing the British manufacturing sector staged one of its sharpest rebounds on record in August.

The post-Brexit surprise boosted the pound as it could prompt the Bank of England to rethink the need to cut interest rates again if other surveys confirm the trend.

Commodities like oil and gold rebounded on the weaker dollar, which favors non-U.S. buyers of greenback-denominated commodities.

U.S. crude CLc1 was up 0.6 percent at $43.41 a barrel after sliding 3.4 percent overnight to a three-week low as a growing glut from U.S. crude stockpiles soured market sentiment. Brent LCOc1 rose 0.6 percent to $45.73 a barrel after shedding more than 3 percent on Thursday.

Spot gold XAU= was steady at $1,312.70 an ounce, having rebounding from a two-month trough of $1,301.91 the previous day.

Gold has been dogged by the prospect of higher U.S. interest rates which would diminish the appeal of the non-yielding metal.

Indian wheat supplies tight, may boost low global prices

A farmer standing on a plastic drum winnows wheat in a field on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India, March 29, 2016. REUTERS/Amit Dave/Files

Wheat traders and industry representatives in India expect the country to step up international purchases significantly over the coming months, providing a potential boost to global prices languishing near 10-year lows.

Production in the last two years has fallen well below the peak of 2014/15, reducing stocks to the lowest level in nearly a decade and pushing domestic prices close to record highs. Some traders expect them to climb still further this year.

India has already bought about 600,000 tonnes of wheat in 2016, the most in nine years, but traders expect the government to reduce or even abolish the 25 percent import tariff to make imports cheaper and ease a domestic supply squeeze.

“The supply situation is getting very serious,” said Veena Sharma, secretary of the Roller Flour Millers Federation of India, the country’s main wheat industry body.

“A review of the import policy may be a viable and rational option to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the domestic market. There is hardly any wheat available in the open market; production is much lower than the number the government is citing.”

Ramped up imports by the world’s second biggest wheat producing and consuming nation could help support global prices, which have fallen this week amid a projected rise in world stocks to a record 252.8 million tonnes.

India rarely enters the global market beyond buying a few hundred thousands tonnes annually.

The last time it bought more was in 2006, when surprise purchases of close to 7 million tonnes, combined with production problems elsewhere, helped fuel a near 50 percent rally in global prices.

The Food Ministry declined official comment, but a senior government source said there was no cause for panic.

“Although we’re keeping an eye on the situation, we don’t see any shortage at the moment. At the same time, we’ll encourage the private trade and flour millers to import as much as they can,” said the source, who declined to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the press.

“In terms of various options available to us, we can always abolish or lower the import tax. Please remember that there’s no need to worry, as the world has plenty of wheat.”


Trade and industry experts said India was likely to import large volumes.

“In my view, India will have to import at least 4 million tonnes of wheat. A broad estimate suggests our imports will hover around 5 or 6 million tonnes,” said Tejinder Narang, a veteran New-Delhi industry expert.

In a sign of tightening availability, authorities last month reduced the allocation of wheat each flour mill can buy from the government’s open market sales scheme to 500 tonnes from 5,000.

It was subsequently raised to 2,000 tonnes, following a protest from millers.

Domestic prices are strong and trading near record highs set in June. The spread between Indian and global benchmark U.S. prices has widened to an all-time peak.

India’s farm ministry in August pegged 2015/16 wheat output at 93.50 million tonnes, up from 86.53 million tonnes a year ago, but most traders estimate production at about 84 million tonnes.

India’s state wheat reserves, which on Aug. 1 stood at 26.9 million tonnes, are falling rapidly, and traders estimate a drawdown of 2.5-3 million tonnes a month up from the usual 1.5-2 million tonnes.

“It will be difficult to maintain buffer stock levels,” said a trader based in southern India. “The talk among traders is India will be left with (stocks of) 5-6 million tonnes by April.”

India’s minimum buffer wheat requirement, set in 2010/11, is 7.5 million tonnes on April 1, ahead of the arrival of the new crop.

Wheat consumption is estimated to rise to 93.1 million tonnes in 2016/17, up around 11 million tonnes on 2010/11 levels, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show.

Although traders said increased Indian purchases were unlikely to spark a price rally on the scale of that in 2006, with global stocks so plentiful, they could prove a boon to exporters such as Australia.

Australia, the world’s fourth largest exporter, is on track to produce a near-record crop of 28 million tonnes, and so far overseas sales have been disappointing.

“India likes Australian wheat … If the tax gets removed, Australian wheat exports will go into India in reasonable volumes,” said James Foulsham, Wheat Trading Manager at CBH Group, Australia’s largest grain exporter.

WTO’s future bright; US ready to up engagement with India

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Confident of greater bilateral trade and enhanced cooperation at global economic platforms, the US Sunday said it is ready to increase engagement with India to find new common ground at WTO and asserted that the future looks “bright” for this global trade body.

The comments assume significance as during the WTO’s Nairobi Ministerial conference, differences had surfaced between developing countries including India and developed economies including the US on issues related to the Doha Round, public stockholding for food security purposes and new issues being pushed by the rich nations.

“In our view, the future looks bright for the WTO and we remain ready to increase our engagement with India to find new common ground after years of impasse in the Doha round,” Jeff Zients, Director of the National Economic Council, told PTI in an interview.

He also said that the proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty between India and the US needs to be of “sufficiently high standard” and discussions would continue to achieve this outcome.

Zients, who will be in India this week for the second US-India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue, further said: “We are already working with India and other WTO members to find new ways forward to take up pending Doha Round issues and to ensure that the WTO’s agenda remains relevant, particularly with respect to issues such as the digital economy and interests of small and medium enterprises.

“The last two WTO Ministerial Conferences in Bali and Nairobi were significant successes, including outcomes on the Trade Facilitation Agreement, agricultural export subsidies, and public stockholding for food security purposes.”

He added: “We recently built on these successes at the G-20 Trade Ministers Meeting in Shanghai where we made commitments on lowering the costs of trade, coordinating efforts to reinforce trade and investment, and supporting sound agriculture policies.”

Zients also serves as Assistant to the US President for Economic Policy. Previously, he was appointed by the President to a newly created position of United States Chief Performance Officer. Prior to joining the Administration, Zients spent 20 years in the private sector as a CEO, management consultant and entrepreneur.

During his India visit, he would co-chair the second US-India CEO Forum alonside the US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

On concerns over slowing global trade and the role India and the US can play, being the two major trading partners of the world, Zients said: “US-India bilateral trade has grown 80 per cent since 2009. Since that time, India has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the US has continued to strengthen following the recovery from a significant economic recession, with policies that encourage innovation, trade, and investment.

“We have each had our own challenging domestic conversations on trade, but trade has provided huge benefits to both the US and Indian economies”.

He said both the economies are well positioned to continue contributing to global trade growth. He added that the Strategic and Commercial Dialogue and US-India CEO Forum this week, as well as the Trade Policy Forum that will be held in October, are focused on ways to strengthen bilateral trade partnership and business environments.

Zients said: “We are working together both bilaterally and multilaterally to increase trade, remove constraints, and create jobs. Regional efforts to open economies and increase connectivity across countries are also important. The US and India also have an important opportunity next week at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit hosted in Guangzhou, China, where counties will continue our efforts to achieve sustainable growth and spur job creation.”

Asked about the long-running discussions on a new Bilateral Investment Treaty between the two countries and whether any positive closure was expected during the Dialogue, he said over 500 US companies are active in India and the US foreign direct investment (FDI) in India stands at over USD 28 billion.

At the same time, Indian FDI in the United States has nearly doubled since 2010, he added. Zients said: “Investment treaty discussions are not on the agenda for this week’s Strategic and Commercial dialogue, but the prospect of a US-India bilateral investment treaty (BIT) is something we continue to support.

“Discussions on such important agreements between two large economies can take time. By establishing clear rules for investors, such treaties can improve confidence in an investment climate, and in doing so help spur investment, economic growth, and job creation.

“But to achieve these objectives, a BIT needs to be of a sufficiently high standard, and we continue to explore with India how discussions could lead to such an outcome.”

What can a blog do to your business?

What can a blog do to your business?Till recently, Influencer Marketing as a term was used in the context of movie and sports stars who endorsed various products and services in the mass media. Enterprises earmark a sizable portion of their marketing budget to engage these offline celebrities as a part of their Influencer Marketing strategy.

However, with Internet penetration growing exponentially and social media becoming ubiquitous, Influencer Marketing has touched the next generation of celebrities – bloggers, video bloggers and micro-bloggers.

Bloggers, who are a source of inspiration for hundreds and thousands of loyal followers, have become important influencers because they are seen as authentic and trustworthy people. In a recent report by McKinsey marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising, and these customers have a 37 per cent higher retention rate.

Another key aspect going in the favour of bloggers as influencers is the big connect they have with the new age social and mobile first consumers.Brands, both big and small, are increasingly engaging in blogging as an Influencer Marketing tool for the following reasons:

1. COST-EFFECTIVENESS: In comparison to engaging movie and sport celebs, collaborating with bloggers as a part of Influencer Marketing is much more cost-effective.

2. HUMANISATION OF BUSINESS: Since blogging is a conversational style of writing where every blogger has his/her own tonality, it results in greater connect with audiences and in a native fashion.

3. ENHANCEMENT OF CREDIBILITY: When bloggers, being a third party, talk about a brand or a product, it creates an objective-based impression among readers and enhances the credibility of the brand.

4. EFFECTIVE CONNECT WITH TARGETED AUDIENCE: Every blogger has their own area of expertise for writing and hence a niche set of followers. Therefore, collaborating with bloggers with right set of followers helps brands hit the bull’s eye in terms of audiences.

5. DRIVING MORE TRAFFIC ON BRAND’S WEBSITE: Since bloggers generally integrate the images and links of the products and services they are writing on, it results in driving higher and relevant traffic back to the brands website.

6. ENHANCING SCALABILITY: The availability of Influencer Marketing platforms empowers brands to scale up the collaboration with bloggers from 10’s to 100’s based on budget and campaign requirements.

The key challenge a brand faces is to find and connect with right set of bloggers. Below are few points a marketer should consider while engaging with social influencers:

Relevance of the blog and blogger: Marketers must check what the blogger writes about and if the blog followers fall under the brand’s TG. Quality/tonality of the blog and background of the blogger are equally necessary to determine before engaging.

Audience engagement: A good blogger is the one who knows how to get audience hooked. One way to see the audience engagement is to check if a blog is receiving any comments from its visitors. Apart from that, social media connections to the blog can be a sound parameter to measure the audience engagement.

Reach of the blog: Reach is an essential metric to attain the popularity of a blog. One can ask for the monthly traffic analytics of the blog to get the insights into its reach. The higher the numbers, the better!

Influencer Marketing, powered by blogging, is the fastest growing channel for digital customer acquisition and integrating it as an integral part of marketing mix is the best way to turbo-charge your social sales.