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When you are searching on online websites about authentic HGH products, you often get confused by looking at the several brand names in which the product exists in the market. HGH or human growth hormone is synthetically prepared in the lab for purpose of helping people overcome growth hormone deficiency disorders, and also promote the development of all body cells lacking the hormone in adequate amount. Growth hormone is naturally synthesised in the body by the somatotropic cells present in the anterior lobe of pituitary gland. This gland is known as the master gland since it helps in the control and regulation of all crucial hormonal secretions in the body so that their levels are maintained in sufficient concentration. The hormone is majorly responsible for the growth and development of sex as well as body cells, as you can guess from its name. It promotes the multiplication, proliferation and differentiation of cells for developmental purposes. But did you know that the same hormone can prove beneficial for body building and other recreational activities as well? Is it possible to increase your muscle strength and physical output by just supplementing your diet with growth hormone drugs? Are the results going to be fruitful or dangerous? Get to know about the latest updates on growth hormone products by reading the review below.

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What are the deficiencies that can be caused by growth hormone?

When the pituitary gland gets damaged due to any sort of head injury or there has always been a deficiency in the production level of growth hormone in the body, the hormonal synthesis rate gets decreased. This is how growth hormone deficiency is caused. This is the time when you should mix and inject your doses of HGH products so that the level of the hormone is increased in the body. What will happen if you have growth hormone deficiency? The following are the results from low growth hormone production:

  1. Tumour formation in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus region.
  2. Autoimmune diseases such as lymphocyte hypophysitis. This results in the inflammation of the master gland due to autoimmunity.
  3. Trauma or injury to brain cells.
  4. Any sort of radiation therapies during cancer treatment can result in the deficiency of growth hormone, if it encompasses majority of the brain cells and hypothalamus.
  5. Congenital disorders which can adversely affect the functioning and regulation of the pituitary gland.

How to know the real HGH?

If you are planning on buying HGH from the market, it is very important for you to know about the different trade names in which it is available. There are very popular brands as Kigtropin, Humatrope, Somatropin and so many more but each are somewhat different in the composition and formulation because of different developing pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore before you decide on administering the doses of synthetic HGH, you should know the purpose for which you are using it. Then accordingly you can mix and inject your doses in order to get the desired effects under expert supervision.

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