Cleaning The Office

The medical office is a place that needs to stay as clean as possible because of the patients who are seen there. Clinic cleaning services are offered by some companies, which is perhaps the best way to get the office in the proper order so that patients and the doctors and staff who work there are protected from viruses that might linger and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

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One of the things to keep in mind while cleaning a medical office is that gloves need to be worn at all times. You need a pair of gloves that securely fits around the wrist. The material should be rubber as this won’t be as likely to puncture as latex would. Bacteria and other germs can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours at times, so when you’re cleaning, you don’t know what you’re coming in contact with.

Trash that is on the floor should be the first thing that is cleaned. You want to get everything into waste bins as quickly as possible so that the trash in the bins can be removed from the office. If there are containers for needles, then these need to be disposed of in the proper manner instead of being thrown away with the rest of the trash. Some offices have a company that will come to collect the needles and dirty linens so that you don’t have to worry with these areas. When you’re using a new trash bag to pick up trash or to replace one that is removed from a can, make sure that it’s a heavy duty type that won’t rip.

Cleaners that have a disinfectant in them should be used when cleaning surfaces, such as tables and counters. When you clean hardwood or laminate floors, it’s sometimes best to use bleach or at least a cleaner with disinfectant so that all of the germs and bacteria are removed or as much as possible. A steam cleaner is ideal for the carpet as the heat can help to clean the surface better than a typical vacuum cleaner would.

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